Victory Day

Victory DayOn May 9, the people of our country celebrate the anniversary of their great victory in the Great Patriotic War against fascist Germany.

The Second World War was a grim trial for the Soviet people and their army.Displaying unprecedented cour­age and heroism the Soviet soldiers defended every inch of the Soviet soil.

Hitler’s army was the strongest at that time. Fascist Germany had occupied France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Norway and other European countries. It had the economic resources of almost all of Western Europe. However, despite the severe defeats at the beginning of the war, the Soviet Army managed to launch a counter-offensive near Moscow towards the end of 1941 and defeated the enemy troops. The rout of Nazi troops in the battle of Moscow initiated the turning point in the war. The myth of Hitler Wermacht’s invincibility was shattered.


to celebrate — праздновать

anniversary — годовщина

fascist Germany — фашистская Германия

a grim trial — суровое испытание

unprecedented — беспримерный

France — Франция

Poland — Польша

Czechoslovakia — Чехословакия

Norway — Норвегия

economic  resources — экономические ресурсы

despite  the severe defeats — несмотря ца жестокие поражения

to launch a counter-offensive — предпринять контрнаступление

rout — поражение

to initiate — положить начало

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