Victory Day

Our historic victory on the banks of the Volga in 1942 shook the German fascist army to its very foundation. 330 000 Germans were surrounded and defeated. After extremely heavy fighting the enemy was smashed at Kursk, Oryol, Leningrad, in the Ukraine, in the Baltic republics. These victories in 1944 led to the complete liberation of our country from the Nazi aggressors.

Having driven the fascist invaders from the Soviet territory, the Soviet Army helped the peoples of European countries to liberate their lands from fascist oppression.

On May 8, 1945 the Nazi generals signed the act of surrender with the Western European countries. The next day, the act was signed by all the allied countries which participated in the Second World War.

The world learned of the final victory of freedom-loving nations over German fascism. The victory was the result of the tremendous efforts of the nations and the armies of all the countries of the anti-fascist coalition. The greatest contribution of all was made by the Soviet Union, by its people and army. The cost of the victory was extremely high.


myth — миф

Hitler Wermacht’s invincibility — непобедимость гитле­ровского вермахта

to its very foundation — до самого основания

having driven — выгнав (изгнав)

to liberate — освобождать

oppression — угнетение

to sign the act of surrender — подписывать акт о капитуляции

allied countries — союзные страны

to participate — принимать участие, участвовать

final — окончательный

nation — нация, народ

the anti-fascist coalition — антифашистская коалиция

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