Theodore Dreiser (1871-1945)

Theodore Dreiser was born in a small town in the state of Indiana, USA, in a poor family.

After his school years he had to support himself at a laundry, then for several years he was a newspaper reporter in Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

Later he moved to New York, where he found work as a magazine editor. His first two novels were “Sister Carrie” (1900) and “Jennie Gerhardt” (1911).

He described the life of two young women in the capitalist world.

His other works are “The Financier” (1912), “The Titan” (1914), “The Stoic” (1915).

Dreiser’s literary work occupies an important place in American literature. His novels and short stories give a true picture of American society.

a laundry — прачечная

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