Описание событий. Выражение собственного мнения в английском языке.

Describing the Events. Expressing Your Opinion.

  • Write a weather forecast for today in the UK.

Good evening. It’s been a sunny day in most places today, but that’s going to change for some of you tomorrow. Let’s have a look at the picture for tomorrow morning. Some wet and windy weather is already moving into the north-west of Scotland, and tomorrow morning the rain will spread to the whole of Scotland. There will be some very strong northerly winds — 35 mph in some places. And it won’t be very warm, with temperatures of only 8 or 10 degrees.

Let’s look now at Wales and northern England. Here it will be a dry but cloudy day, and it won’t be very warm. Temperatures will only be about 15 degrees in the north-west and a bit warmer — 17 degrees — in the north-east. There will be very little wind.

In the south it will be warm and sunny again with temperatures up to 23 degrees, but there will be some thunderstorms in the south-west. Winds will be very light and from the south.


  • Write an announcement in the Internet or in the newspaper on the topic “Tourism”.


Dear visitors to St Petersburg!

We are glad to introduce you our accommodation services in St Petersburg. At present we dispose one of the most complete data base of city’s and suburbs apartments, therefore we could provide you with any type of accommodation starting with a simple home stay or budget apartment and finishing with a very modern design and western standard one, luxurious villas in the country are also available. So here you can find apartments with different prices and conveniences located in all districts of our city while looking through attached photos and brief descriptions. We offer you all types of apartments such as one-room apartments, two-room apartments, three, four- and even five-room apartments with a variety of facilities and advantages! Moreover the prices are flexible and reasonable. Our apartments are available for short and long-term rentals. If you decide to stay in our apartments, we can meet you in the airport and drive to the apartment, arrange tour-guide or translator services, Russian visa support and other services. As a renting price depends on the season we’d kindly ask you to look through our database, make you choice and contact us as soon as possible in order we could inform you on the apartment’s availability.

If you have any questions or you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



The first impressions tour. See the main Moscow sights in a few hours

This bus tour will be interesting if you want to get the first impression about Moscow, orient yourself, see the main sights, see some bits of the city life, and get used to the city. You’ll learn more about the history and culture of our city, as well as about the life of the people. You’ll see the main spots, and (if you feel like it) some hidden interesting places that’ll give you richer insight into Moscow.

Type: bus and walking;

Duration: 3 hours;

Price: $28 per tour (per person);

Availability: Daily 11 a.m and 2.30 p.m.


Specialized Moscow tours: architecture, estates, monasteries, old mansions, Moscow metro

Cultural tours to Moscow architecture masterpieces, interesting estates and monasteries, historical areas of the city. It’s also possible to make a tour of Moscow metro — an underground museum. These tours are made by certified guides with a solid knowledge of Moscow history and cultural background.

Type: walking or driving tour;

Duration: 3—4 hours;

Price: $18 to $46 per tour per person;

Availability: any time, upon request.

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