London Buses

There is a lot of traffic in the streets of the town: endless lines of buses, motor cars and bus

The traffic regulations in London differ from ours: they drive on the left side of the road instead of the right. And when you try to cross the road, you feel that you need eyes all round your head.

Buses in London are of different colours. The red buses go in London. They are mainly double-deckers. The green ones run from London to the country. The brown ones belong to British railways.

It is not allowed to stand in London buses and when all the seats are occupied, the conductor shouts: “Full up inside. Seats on top only”. If you go upstairs — or “on top” as they call it — you can smoke. You cannot smoke “inside” (downstairs). It is a little cheaper to go by bus than by the tube.

If you like looking at places and people, travel by bus. Buses don’t go very fast in the centre of London because there is always so much traffic, that doesn’t matter if you are on holiday.

There are two sorts of a bus-stop: compulsory and request.

A compulsory bus-stop sign means that all the buses on the notice stop here. A request bus-stop sign means that a bus only stops here if someone wants to get on or off. The request bus-stop sign is red. If you want to catch a bus at a request stop, put your hand out.


you need eyes all round your head — нужно смотреть во все глаза

double-decker — двухэтажный автобус

compulsory — обязательный

request — зд. по требованию

put your hand out — вытяните руку

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