MoscowMoscow is a political, industrial, scientific, financial and cultural centre of Russia. Moscow is the seat of the Russian Federal Government. All official guests of our state visit Moscow.

Moscow offers numerous tourists an astonishing va­riety of scenes. In this city one meets the past and the present, the old and the modern. Moscow is famous for its historical points of interest.

Moscow was founded in 1147 by the prince Yury Dolgoruky (long-armed). The Kremlin is the heart of our capital. The history of its buildings dates back to the 11th century. There are 20 towers on the top of the Kremlin. The most beautiful is Spasskaya Tower which is famous for its architecture. The Kremlin wall stretches for 2 km. and 200m and it is 5m high. It looks grand.

Our capital has a very ancient and interesting history. More than once it has been ruined and restored. Today the face of Moscow is being changed. It is becoming a huge European city which tries to preserve its past and at the same time to fulfill the functions of a modern city.

The mayor and the Moscow Government do their best to create the atmosphere of the old Moscow with its unique cathedrals, many buildings of great historic value.


financial — финансовый

the seat of the Russian Federal Government — местопребывание прави­тельства РФ (Российской Федерации)

an astonishing variety of scenes— удиви­тельное разнообразие зрелищ

to be founded — быть основанным

to date back — относиться к

a tower — башня

architecture — архитектура

to restore— восстанавливать, реставрировать

to preserve — сохранять

the mayor — мэр

to create — создавать, творить

unique — единственный в своем роде, уникальный

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