An artist Perov

“Seeing off the Dead Man”  is a plain, yet moving tale of a peasant woman’s grief, as she drives her husband’s body to the cemetery. We cannot see her face, but her loneliness and the tragedy that has befallen her, are portrayed in her whole figure, in the curve of her bent back, in her drooping head and in the helpless hands that have dropped the reins. The badly-made pine coffin, covered over with a piece of canvas, the gray winter day and the leaden snow cloud that is hanging over the orphaned family all speak of the poverty-stricken, helpless existence of the post-reform Russian peasantry.

An artist Perov also painted portraits of scholar, writers, and prominent public figures.Perov‘s portraits show the great feeling of responsibility with which he approached the problem of portraying a person.

They are completely free of ornamental excesses, affected posing or lavish costumes. They are done simply, yet produce an amazingly real and deep understanding of the subject’s nature. Such were the portraits of A.N.Ostrovsky (1871) — the open, clear sharp gaze of the Russian dramatist is especially well brought out, and the portrait of F.M. Dostoyevsky (1872), done in subdued grey-green tones.


to befall (befell; befallen) — случаться, происходить, приклю­чаться

in the curve of her bent back — в изгибе её согнутой спины

pine coffin — сосновый гроб

leaden — свинцовый

the orphaned family — осиротевшая семья

helpless existence — несчастное существование

scholar — ученый; разг. образованный человек

the great feeling of responsibility — огромное чувство ответственности

ornamental excesses — декоративные излишества

lavish costume — роскошный костюм

subdued grey-green tones — приглушённые серо-зеленые тона

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