Do You Like Music?

Do You Like Music?

Everybody likes music: some people enjoy classical music; others are fond of popular

But are all of them good listeners?

One of the most important things is to learn to be a good listener. Only then can one learn to understand music. You may say: “It’s very easy! We hear lots of sounds around us.” But hearing is not listening. Are we really listening to music on the radio while working, before leaving for school or after coming home?

I think not, because our ears take in many other sounds besides the music, such as the noises from outside, conversation, or a baby’s crying.

To be a good listener means to listen to music without doing anything else. And that’s not very easy. One has to sit still and concentrate on listening. At last it will become a habit. That’s one thing. The other is to read about composers whose music we are interested in, about their works, about conditions under which those people had to live and create. People often say: “I often go to concerts, as I like music very much.” They may go to a concert of chamber music, attend a symphony concert, a piano, a violin or a choir concert. It’s all the same to them. Does it mean that they love music or they understand it? And what about you?

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