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Домашнее задание

9А  на четверг — 31.03.2016

9Б  на субботу — 2.04.2016

Написать письмо:

You have 30 minutes to do this task.

You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen friend, Ben.

…Sometimes I hate our school radio because they talk about things everyone knows. And news should be fresh! One day I will be a reporter and will show them how to produce really good news…

…How do you get to know what’s happening in the world? What are you going to be? Do you think English will be necessary for your future career, why? …

Write him a letter and answer his 3 questions.

Write 100–120 words. Remember the rules of letter writing.

Топик по теме здоровье c переводом на русский в формате Word:


Домашнее задание (урок был 21.01.2016г.):

№1 Healthy Eating Test

Complete the gaps in the text with the given words.

Balance, bread, breakfast, burger, calories, drinks, exercises, fish, fizzy (2), fruit, juice, meal, moderation, month, pasta, salad (2), variety, vegetables (2), weight.

You can eat at McDonald’s without damaging our health once a … (1) … . You can take a fruit … (2) … instead of a … (3) … drink. You can try a vegetable … (4) … instead of a … (5)… .Be careful with salads: although … (6) … leaves and … (7) … are low in fat, some salad dressings can be high in calories .The most important meal of the day is … (8) … . It is the perfect way to start your day and not to feel tired or sleepy. According to experts you should drink … ? … litres each day. Fruit juice,  milk, tea, soup count, too. Make sure you don’t drink … (9) … … (10) …too often. Snacking depends on what you eat. Healthy snacks such as fresh … (11) … or … (12) …are good for you. Besides, such snacks can also prevent you from overeating at your next … (13)… .According to doctors, you should eat … (14) … twice a week. It has been proved that all … (15) … (fresh, frozen or canned) are good for you. It’s a myth that eating starchy food like … (16) … and … (17) … is bad. A healthy diet means … (18) … , … (19) … and …(20) … .If you are trying to lose …(21) … you should reduce the …(22) … and do …(23) …regularly.

№2 Pizza Parties

 Last Sunday, four families who live in the same street, ordered pizza for dinner. From the clues below, work out which family got which pizza (seafood, mushroom, cheese, pepperoni),which drink (Cola, lemonade, orange juice, beer) and the order in which their pizzas and drinks were delivered.

1.The Greens, who ordered neither a mushroom nor a seafood pizza, were the first to get their order.

2.The lemonade was neither the first nor the last to be delivered.

3.The Grays like neither beer nor orange juice.

4.Neither the Browns nor the Whites ordered lemonade.

5.When the pepperoni pizza had been delivered, the deliveryman went to the family who had ordered orange juice.

6.The cheese pizza and Cola were the last to be delivered.

7.The Whites’ order didn’t include a cheese pizza.

8.The family who was the second to get the order was allergic to mushrooms.


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