My Family

Mу father is also fond of repairing old radio sets and other things. He is handy with many tiling. He can fix almost everything: a vacuum cleaner, a washing ma­chine, a fridge, a telephone and what not. He’s got a few shelves where he keeps everything he needs.

My younger sister is a girl of ten. Her name is Ann. She goes to school. She does a lot of subject at school. From our father she learnt to read in English when she was seven. Now she can speak English pretty well. She likes reading. She also goes in for tennis.

My youngest brother is a boy of six. His name is Alex. He is nice and funny. I think he takes after my mother. He is black-haired and even-tempered. As a rule, he is in a good mood. And like my father is fond of making and repairing different things. He likes to take everything to pieces. Not long ago he tried to “repair” our kitchen clock. He managed to put all the wheels and screws back again — but the clock did not work. We had to give it to a repairman.

My parents have been married for twenty years. They have much in common; however they have different views on music, books, films, sports. My father is fond of tennis. My mother doesn’t go in for sports. But my parents have the same position about their children’s education and upbringing.

We are a friendly family. We try to do the daily chore together. My chores are washing dishes.

We are deeply attached to each other, and we get on very well.


to repair — чинить, исправлять

to be handy with smth. — уметь делать что-либо, быть искусным в чем-либо

to fix — чинить, исправлять

vacuum cleaner — пылесос

washing machine  — стиральная машина

fridge — холодильник

and what not — и так далее, и тому подобное

to do a lot of subjects — изучать много предметов

pretty well — достаточно (довольно) хорошо

to go in for smth. — заниматься чем-либо

to take after — быть похожим, пойти (в кого-либо из родителей)

black-haired — черноволосый

even-tempered — уравновешенный

to be in a good mood — быть в хорошем настроении

to take to pieces — разбирать на части

wheels and screws — колесики и винтики

chores — домашняя обязанность

to be deeply attached to smb. — быть сильно привязанным к кому-либо

to get on well — быть в хороших отношениях, ладить друг с другом

Советы учащимся:

  1. Не знаешь, как правильно произнести или перевести слово? здесь ты сможешь послушать британское и американское произношение слов, а также найти их перевод.
  2. Не заучивай текст наизусть, попробуй пересказать его!
  3. Обязательно выучи все незнакомые слова с правильным произношением прежде, чем будешь пересказывать текст!
  4. Тяжело запомнить весь текст? Составь план текста.

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